Thursday, 1 February 2018


I have stopped being a Radio Producer. But Why? For more than 25 years I was a Radio Producer, making live talk radio shows, and years of experience taught me what to look for in an interview, how to edit and make the show sound like, well a radio show.

But, BOOM! along came Podcasting - it's like radio, but it isn't and it's taken me a few years to re-adjust my listening ears to adapt to this new medium.

OUT goes the radio rule that says you must edit out every mistake. A bit like a craft beer that has sediment in ....? Podcast listeners expect the product to be a little rough at the edges, but something different to those sterile mass-produced Beers that the big boys make.

OUT goes the rule that you have to find the quietest place.  Recently the most enjoyable Podcasts to put together has been one, recorded in a massive tropical rainstorm, in the end we had to take ALL the processing off so you could hear the interview and enjoy the rain. 

OUT goes the warm up bit before an interview.  When you naturally talk to somebody you find out stuff you didn't know, sometimes you put your foot in it and ask the wrong question - but that's the Podcast difference, they are all about doing something differently.

So dare to take risks with your next Podcast.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Guilty after 18 years

Petula Clark


LBC Listening Figures Sabotaged  

A true confession marking 18 years of Creative Radio, and

By the year 2000 we were working privately for a number of companies outside of LBC Radio, where we were both working at the time.

Privately I wrote the quiz for Mike Allen on Talk Radio that just happened to air at exactly the same time as The Pete Murray show on LBC, that I just happened to Produce!

When the quarterly listening figures came in, they showed that Pete’s show was being slaughtered by Mike Allen’s Quiz hour.  I was hauled into the office. The boss said -  ‘What are we going to do about that bloody quiz?’  

I answered, ‘Why don’t we do a quiz of our own?’

‘Yep, good idea, you can write one.’ He replied

‘Will you pay me to write it?’ I asked

‘NO! you can write it in your spare time.’

Something I was not prepared to do, so there was no quiz.  This was the boss, by the way, who, when I told him that Petula Clark was on the show and that she wanted a cab, he said ‘Can’t she get a bus, I mean they stop outside the studio?’ – and he wasn’t joking.

So I continued to do work for Talk radio, whilst working at LBC, and poor old Pete’s figures continued to drop during the Mike Allen Quiz hour.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Fill My Podcast

It's all about delicious, distinctive layers.

Question - who is your listener?

What kind of content do THEY want?

Create a profile of your listener.   Who is he or she? What do they care about?

What kind of life do they have?

Are they married? Have children? And so on.

Where do you think they will listen to your Podcast?

OK so now you know everything about your ideal listener.

How will you deliver your Podcast

Podcasting thrives on regular episodic delivery, so you need to create regular episodes.  

If you are a small-scale operation - maybe you record a half-dozen shows at a time?  Maybe you force yourself to get up an hour earlier everyday? 

Big organisations like the BBC/PBS commit time and resources to Podcasting, they are, in some ways, your competitor. 

It might be that you have a unique niche show that can't be touched or replicated by the big boys?

You need to stick with it. Podcasters get so excited about their new Podcast .. BUT often after a dozen episodes the enthusiasm just fizzles away.

Topic led Podcasts need structure (those distinctive, delicious layers) and you will have to write and produce incredible amounts of material. 

As a former full-time News Talk Radio Producer; everyday I had to find three hours of material. I had a team to help, resources from SKY News and a show Host who once in a while contributed material! It was a REAL challenge to come up with good ideas every single day.

Most importantly  you should ONLY make content about stuff that you are interested in and have a passion for.  If you don't care who will others listening care?

Now go forth and multiply many episodes of compelling content. (Pic: Channel 4 Press Office)