Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ten things to help you and your listener:
1-Relate to them as a friend.
2-Repeat and repeat - listeners are like goldfish and have the attention span of five seconds.
3-Create furniture and structure in your shows and STICK TO IT!
4-Make sure interactive (calls,text,email) drives the show forward and not sideways or worse nowhere.
5-Build an emotional bond with your listener, be personal but not private.
6-Be liked, listeners can like you even if you are a 'shock jock.'
7-KISS keep everything simple stupid.
8-Have a running order and remember the structure (3)
9-Be yourself not what others want you to be. (Fake personality shows up pretty fast in Talk Format)
10-ENJOY - we're in the entertainment industry - even the news and information segments are part of that industry - never forget that.

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