Monday, 28 September 2009

Attack the senses

Here is an extreme example of copy that uses all the ways we interpret the world. 

VO1 Mmm the fresh smell of coffee

VO2 That always makes me feel so hungry

VO1 Oh and those cakes – don’t you just want to reach out and grab one.

VO1 Can you hear something?

FX Sizzling bacon

VO1 Oh no more temptation - fresh sizzling local bacon.

VO2 I can see free range eggs frying on the griddle as well

VO1 It’s no good I’m going to have to do it

VO2 Do what?

VO1 Open the door to Joes Café the most delicious breakfast in Manchesterford of course.

FX Shop door bell and open

VO2 I’m right behind you

VO3 Joes Café – the most delicious breakfast in Manchesterford.

Tomorrow some ways to use those senses tricks and grab the attention of your listener and tell them what you want them to hear.

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