Sunday, 20 September 2009

Give Me A Break

This week the UK Advertising Awards took place, the usual bunch of suspects walked away with the awards - a couple of insurance companies and a fast food restaurant that we're all lovin'  Sure tucked away there was some creativity - a nice ad for London Zoo and the UK commercial radio's biggest spender - the government got an award for their Department of Transport ads - you know the one where the motorcyclist becomes an organ donor.

BUT - is radio advertising still working?  Formats and the pace of programming have changed dramatically over the years - but the ads sound pretty much the same to me- still irritating to most listeners with very few pieces of copy that stand out. Telephone numbers shouted out have been replaced by web addresses that our screamed at you across the airwaves.  Maybe I am turning into an old fart, but I cannot recall any radio ads that have really been anywhere as creative or funny as say compare the market/meerkat or any number of other engaging TV campaigns.

What is the answer?  Well after all those years of selling longer ad time I wonder in this ten second world that it's time to have lots of short messages that permeate the listeners brain?  Ah you say, don't you mean our sponsored travel or weather?  No I don't and that's another area of confusing clutter with too many messages and ideas all clustered around one junction.  I think what I want from radio advertising is for you to tell me what's in it for me and then bugger off.  And I don't want a lot of crappy imaging and promos bunched round the spot set - just play the music please.

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