Friday, 2 October 2009

I'm Free

'Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev is to make the London Evening Standard a free newspaper later this month, after more than 180 years as a paid-for title.The 50p newspaper, which is 75.1% owned by Lebedev and 24.9% owned by Associated newspapers, will go free from 12 October.Lebedev's decision immediately throws the spotlight on Associated Newspapers' London Lite, set up as a rival to News International's the London Paper, which closed in September. Many expect that London Lite will now close.' Source The Guardian

Although this isn't strictly a radio story it is an indication that consumers expect the media to be free.  I spoke to Jane Mulkerrins today who is the Editor of the London Lite - she would not be drawn to the consequences of this move but didn't think news and newspapers were being devalued.  But I think it shows the seige changes that are happening in the media and happening faster than a lot of us can absorb.

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