Tuesday, 17 November 2009

"OFCOM regulation is stuck in the pre-internet dark ages"

Cross-media ownership rules, which prevent local groups owning more than one newspaper or radio station, will be abolished.

If the conservatives win the next election - Ofcom, the media regulator, will be stripped of policy-making functions and limited to making judgments in areas such as “decency, impartiality and taste”. The Tories say the changes will be on the same scale as the Big Bang deregulation of the City in 1986 that helped expand financial services and create tens of thousands of jobs.

Conservatives propose cutting BBC licence fee Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, said “heavy-handed regulation” was behind a “massive crisis” in the media industry.

“It is why no major international players have come forward to buy ITV and major US networks are not interested in investing in Britain,” he said.  Source The Daily Telegraph

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