Friday, 13 November 2009

Oh dear oh dear

'The rapid pace of change is something that computing has lived with for 50 years. It must come as a terrible shock to the radio industry, but frankly, they won't have a future at all if they don't figure out how to cope with change.'

The words of the Guardian's Computer Editor Jack Schofield.  Something rather unpleasant (as my mother would say) has happened between him and the DRDB Digital Radio Development Bureau. here is a short extract from his recent blog:

I'm amused to see that I've been attacked by the DRDB (Digital Radio Development Bureau), which is a trade body whose purpose is apparently to help flog DAB to a somewhat reluctant British public. I certainly don't expect them to enjoy their marketing being undermined by an independent journalist, but you have to wonder why they can't manage to retain at least a dignified façade. "Another Schofield rant" says the subheading in "What the papers say", with reference to a comment piece in last week's Media Guardian.

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