Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Mine's a pint!

A pint of warm p*ss and not the Notting Hill Carnival.  Today when OB's go bad.

OB number one.  The Ideal Home Exhibition Earls Court.  Presented in the safe hands of Pete Murray who had been doing the event for years for the BBC.  Trouble is the LBC stand was miles and miles away from the loo, so there came a point when poor old Pete couldn't hold it any longer.  Luckily for Mr Murray the Producer - Steve Dodd had just finished a pint of beer and Pete took every advantage during a commercial break, nipping behind the stand to fill her up.  He proudly presented the warm foaming liquid to Mr Dodd to dispose of.  The lesson learnt - make sure there are comfort facilities at every OB you do and that they are accessible.

OB number two.  Therese Birch sent in the OB truck to cover the Notting Hill Carnival - trouble is she was sent to the very end of the procession so no floats to commentate on at least not until the dying minutes of the end of the show when the procession finally arrived.  The lesson learnt - do the research look at the maps make sure you are in the right place.

Next time how to organise the perfect OB.

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