Monday, 8 February 2010


The day international singing star Petula Clark ended up on a bus!

LBC can celebrate some very good RAJAR figures this quarter with a sound management that have invested in talent and studios, it wasn't always this way.  A few years ago money was tight, I was producing the Pete Murray Show which went out at on a Sunday evening.

Pet Clark was in town and Lee Stevens rang me to say, she will do Pete but needs a cab.  At that time LBC finances were in a perilous state.  So I approached the Programme Director who as usual was half listening.  'I need to book a cab.' I said  'Well can't they take the bus?' he said 'It's for Petula Clark.' I said, he honestly replied 'Well the 45 stops outside the door she could get that from her hotel room so I'm not  authorising a cab.'

In the end Lee Stevens picked her up in the guise of our personal driver and she was spared the indignity of  waving down the 45.  So it's good to see LBC is in much better shape.  Read Paul Easton's blog on the subject click here

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Anonymous said...

Actually, you should have tried her. Petula doesn't much mind getting the bus, if she has the time.

In her autobiographic song "Driven by Emotion" she states that "from the back seat of a limousine or a number 19 the scenery's the same".

Good story though....