Thursday, 18 February 2010

Temper, temper!

The day that Dale Winton lost his temper, although he had every right, he was also wrong.

This was a showbiz show back in the noughties which my other half was producing and there was the usual rumour mill stuff about various celebs and what they were up to.  One story was about Dale Winton leaving the Lottery Show he was presenting at the time.  It turned out that whilst it was true that the series had ended it was going to be re-commissioned.

The trouble is Dale was listening and Dale called in, very cross, said that he wanted to go on air, which he did.  Now losing your temper on air makes great radio (and TV) but, in this case it did Dale a disservice.  It made him sound petty and small-minded, even though he was right that some of the facts were incorrect.

So even if you feel you have suffered a personal attack, avoid losing your temper it makes you vulnerable.  I was very impressed by the Public Affairs Manager for Toyota recently - he was getting a hard time (rightly so) from various hacks who were interviewing him following the pedal sticking recall and I didn't see him once lose his temper or appear anything but measured and concerned. 

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