Monday, 12 April 2010

Go f*ck yourself

OFCOM this month has mostly been concerning itself with the word f*ck and how rude a word it can be given the time of day. If you say f*ck at 1130 am in the morning on Sky Arts Channel that would be wrong but a quick f*ck at 1130pm would be ok.  Playing Rage Against The Machine which contains the lyric "F*ck you, I won't do what you tell me" four times at 9am in the morning on the BBC is also according to OFCOM very naughty.

Apart from discussing the word f*ck OFCOM also told off Steve Penk for suggesting a woman who was threatening to jump from a bridge on the M60 should wait while they got a bouncy castle so she could jump and they could film it for Harry Hill.  This was also naughty and you shouldn't say such things on the radio. Steve Penk went on to be even more naughty by playing the record 'Jump' during his breakfast show on The Revolution 96.2.  Wade through all 90 pages of what OFCOM has mostly been up to this month by clicking here

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