Sunday, 18 April 2010

Pull yourself together:  Presenting shows day after day takes a lot of concentration and effort and I think all presenters have been guilty of drifting off, not listening to the guest or call or not really thinking what they are doing.  My most famous case was the day that dear old Pete Murray was hosting an afternoon show on LBC, which finished at 5pm when 'Update' with Richard Dallyn started.

Well at half past four we had news, travel and a bit of sport - so Pete took the opportunity to go for a pee. Which meant going upstairs to the front of the building where the loo's were.  Downstairs I was engineering the show and Steve Dodd was Producing we had got through the whole sequence and I was playing the ad break when we both turned to each other and said 'Uh oh - where's Pete?' - there was no sign of him.

What happened? Well Pete finished having his pee and casually walked out the building and headed for the tube station (Chancery Lane) which at that time was his usual route home.  He managed to get as far as the old Mirror building (now Sainsbury's headquarters) when a fellow LBC employee passed and said"'Hey Pete aren't you still on air?'"Pete replied "Oh f*ck - so I am." and with that he scuttled back.

Meanwhile the ads had finished and I had started to play trails - luckily by about the second trail a breathless Pete burst through the door.

An extreme case of lack of focus but I think it's easily done.

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