Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Order Order Order

In the good old days we had one Prime Minister there was a leader of the opposition and that bloke from the Lib Dems who was always off-mic during PMQT.

Now everything has changed and Her Majesty’s press has been quite wrong-footed by the whole affair.  They are not to sure what questions to ask, I mean it was pretty easy before.  To the Government you questioned the effectiveness of any policy and to the opposition you just asked them what they thought of Government policy. Then off down the pub with your fellow Lobby Journos.

But now what do you ask?  Some hacks have gone on the offensive looking for divisions within the coalition, but right now we are in a honeymoon period and only a few rabid back benchers have anything much to say.  Some have gone for the – ‘well you didn’t say this in your manifesto line.’  Not much mileage in this question either as the ‘well everything has changed now’ line gets trotted back out.

So how are we going to make Coalition Politics interesting for the great unwashed who watch, listen and read our material? Well the Labour party once it's finished licking its wounds and elected a leader will provide some meat.

But I find myself now glancing thru a dull newspaper political story online and then heading straight for the comments – I wonder if you are doing the same?

Is it finally time for people power? The Twitter and Facebook brigade really need to be harnessed – the virtual green-ink mob extracted and discarded and what’s left could add some much needed colour to a very dull and austere few years ahead.

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