Thursday, 30 September 2010

End of the peer

The great unwashed want to have a say in your radio station.  I know it's ghastly and there was a time when the only way 'they' could interact with your radio shows was to call  - and you could ignore them, or they had to write, usually on scraps of paper in green ink which you could file in the waste paper basket.  Now they Facebook, twitter, text and speed dial until you eventually have to pick up the call.

So just what's going on? Here's an interesting quote from my old boss Steve Parkinson talking about the Kiss audience: "The big picture is they expect entertainment on demand, on multiple platforms, and they want to interact with their peers and favourite DJs in real time on mobile, by instant message and social media."

That's an awful lot of extra work. Providing on demand and interaction requires clever software and merging your IT content producers with your DJ's or Radio Producers.  BUT is it worth it? I think a better question is can a business afford not to travel the two-way street where your listeners or customers get a chance to have their say.

Your job is to get that interactivity to work and departments to synergise with each other. I have been busy creating a series of Podcasts/Downloads they have their own web page, podcast page, twitter, facebook fan page, You Tube Channel and you can subscribe to them on iTunes.  It's the future of your next piece of audio but it has increased our workload more than threefold.

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