Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Jenny Eclair eats live maggot

I watched Jenny Eclair rip the head of a witchetty grub and eat it, and felt sorry for it.  The show was ITVs Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Jenny is one of the contestants. Having Produced radio shows with her she really is pretty much that kind of person you see on TV.

I remember my first encounter with Ms Eclair - I was standing in for the regular Producer who had timed his holiday to coincide with Jenny's week presenting the Sandi Toksvig show.  Jenny greeted me with a 'Oh so I've got you have I?' as she knew I was the Assistant Producer I think she felt she was getting second best treatment.

I just allowed the comment to pass me by and we got on with the job of getting the show out on air. The week went well and Jenny is, as we have seen on TV, a complex lady but brilliant and funny and you can't help liking her.

Sometimes the talent will turn on you.  As a Producer you have to deal with it.  You need to remember they see you as the human face of 'their' show and working through their requirements and coming up with a conclusion which will suit both the needs of the show and radio station and the needs of the talent is an important part of your job.

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