Monday, 20 December 2010

Brian Hanrahan

In the late 1970s I found myself at Ford headquarters in London in the middle of an industrial dispute.  My job as an audio-visual technician was to show a video to the union about what Ford was planning to do with their workforce. 

Well things got acrimonious and I was chucked out of the meeting room and found myself sitting in a corner of another room with a BBC reporter who was covering the story; his name was Brian Hanrahan

We were probably hanging around for at least a couple of hours and even though I was not much more than a spotty teenager he was quite happy to talk to me and we chatted about all kinds of things from industrial relations to what I did for a living, he actually had a genuine interest in people and I think that was one of the reasons it made him a very fine journalist who will be sadly missed.  (Brian Hanrahan  1949-2010)

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