Monday, 6 December 2010

Pole Position

Interesting interviews, my top tips: Braved a chilly London Monday to interview a guy who was involved with Kid Jensen Racing.  Now I have personally never followed motor racing but as a journalist you should be interested in everything and if you scratch the surface of any subject you always find interesting stories. 

Motor racing is a high octane high flier sport for people with deep pockets and I have to admire Vincent Franceschini from Pole Ltd who set up Kid Jensen Racing in the late 1990s with his own money.  There's something of the Richard Branson about Vincent except he's French and  hasn't got a beard.

The purpose of this blog is remind any Producer, Journalist or Reporter that good interesting stories don't always come out on the balcony and shout themselves at you.  You often have to go looking in the shrubbery and unearth them yourself.

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