Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Don't drink and drive

Peter Stringfellow to whom the Daily Mail describes as a Lothario is very good company, I think? Some years ago we invited him to do a series of shows on LBC.  I was the studio producer and he would turn up with a collection of beautiful people (female and male) and five bottles of Bollinger Champagne, well I can certainly remember the first half hour of the show but after that it all gets a bit hazy.

The truth was we all, including the Producer, got completely smashed.  I think it was during one of those happy but hazy programmes it was decided we should do the show live from 'Limelight' - then a cutting edge nightclub in London.  

It was one of the most bizarre OB's I have ever attended.  At the club there were the usual beautiful people interspersed with really quite elderly LBC listeners.  For some reason we broadcast the actual show away from the nightclub area in the back of the building, which was an old Church.

We also had a bevvy of celebs, a man with a giant python and Sinitta who my senior manager here at home managed to tip into her lap a whole pint of beer.  Happy if slightly weird times.

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Jonnie said...

Fun days. I recall working for Trident recording studios in St Annes Court Soho in 1980 and a man called Jonathan King came in with an entourage of young men/boys.. I can't remeember the song that was being recorded but I was asked to clap at a certain point.. then we all went to the pub. Jonathan seemed very (how can one say) friendly though? but I was too old....