Thursday, 6 January 2011

Orville the Duck

Orville the duck and Bobby Crush and an embarrassing moment.  Some years ago I worked with Bobby 'tickle my ivories' Crush on a show that played the world's worst records - we stole the idea from Kenny Everett.  During a half hour general showbiz strand we would play a couple of duff records and talk about the history behind them, how they got to be made etc.

Anyway - Bobby usually had the actual record, which I had to load into the computer from 'grams' This particular week he brought in Keith Harris singing Orville's song  I started playing the track and it was truly dreadful.  I turned to Bobby and said, 'This is utter sh*t I wonder who wrote this crap?' And he answered 'I did!'

Well I didn't know what to say and had one of those hot flush moments your mum gets when she's of a certain age.  So I started to apologise.  But he said. 'No I don't care because it was a number one and made me a lot of money and every time someone plays it I get paid and that's why I'm playing it today as your fee is so miserable.'

SO Bobby goes into my big book of celebs who actually get what showbiz is all about. I have to say the song is still sh*t though.

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