Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The cold shoulder

I hate cold calls, whether on the phone or at the door I am not going to buy from them on principle.  I had a call last night from 3 network,  usually I just tell them I am not interested thanks and hang up.  This guy had such an attitude though.  What annoyed me first was his disinterest in getting my name right, when I told him that the number was registered with the Telephone Preference Service he said, doesn't matter we've got all your details and proceeded to tell me my full name, address and birth date, "see I am right, aren't I." and when I said "It doesn't matter how much you know about me I don't buy from cold callers."  he replied "Me cold, 'mate, I'm boiling."  I then cut the call.

For some reason he really annoyed me, I didn't want to change phone companies and I didn't like his irritating attitude, he reminded me of the spot ads that you have put up with on commercial radio.  They rarely have any relevance and are often irritating. The old argument that without them commercial radio radio wouldn't exist is running a bit thin.  There are better ways to monetise your station than throwing a handful of shouting morons at us.

Sponsorship and in February the new rules of product placement begin which should allow operators to have a much closer relationship with their advertisers and offer subtle ways of getting that message over within a more relevant environment.

Back to 3 network, well I was so annoyed with that guy that I thought about contacting the phone company, I did an internet search and hit their website for info.  Of course now all my banner ads and side bars are full of ads for the 3 network - so that's turned me even more against what is probably a good phone company with some very badly trained staff.

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