Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sex and Angela Rippon

Sex with Angela Rippon. She claims that viewers don't care about sex or age when it comes to presenters.  I love Angela and worked with her for quite a few years at LBC, we had a fantastic nickname for her which I just can't tell you, apart from it had the initials T.T.  But is she right, do we like to see beautiful people on TV? Does age work for or against you in TV and radio?

I think she is probably wrong, men like to see boobs and women beefcake and thus it always was. I still admire her not worrying about make-up in her latest TV foray.  I would personally describe her as a tough old bird with a heart of gold.  I remember walking down a side road in Nottinghill one day, years after Angela had left LBC and there was a screech of brakes beside me and it was Angela waving out of the window.  "How are you?" She said. "I've just been playing tennis and I won."  Yes Angela you are a winner and my favourite quote form you in today's piece in the Telegraph:

“It may sound like a morbid thing to say but I’m 66 – I don’t know how many years I have left. My father, who was a Royal Marine, was a huge influence on me. He always said, ‘I never want to die with the words “if only” on my lips.’” - Go for it Angela I hope to follow on in your shadow.

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