Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Tsunami of news

How do you tell the tragic story unfolding in Japan?  Do you rush your top newscasters to the scene and plonk them in front of the twisted metal of smashed lorries and cars and then get them to live link the news from the epicentre?  Or do you rely on fancy technology to show maps spinning in and out and little nuclear warning signs the pop up across the screen?

I don't like either option, both seem to trivialise the enormity of pain and suffering that the Japanese people are experiencing.  What I do like, if that is the right choice of words, are the small stories of human endeavour that the Japanese TV station NHK News have been sending out to the world.  They have good reporters on the ground, that can speak the language and understand the culture.

It's those little stories of mothers who have lost their children, the factory owner who is more worried about his missing workforce than his missing factory. This is the real story of this disaster not BBC newsreaders in Armani suits or fancy technology.

And if you want to hear exact details albeit again from NHK which is a state broadcaster you could listen to their English Radio news click here for RSS link for iTunes. Listen to the short Audio Boo on http://thecreativeradiopartnership.blogspot.com as a radio reporter from NHK gets caught up in the disaster.

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