Monday, 12 September 2011

Somewhere Special

Happy Birthday Essex Radio 30 years ago today I was just 20 years old and a week later  I started my career with them, catching a bus to Southend (I couldn't afford the train) I remember walking through the park to the bus station and I was so nervous I was actually sick in the bushes. 

Arriving at the radio station to work on the sports show I was met by Helen Rollason and newsreader Nicole Pullman then Roger Buxton the Sports Editor and Timbo the presenter. We were all in the same boat none of us had much experience of professional radio except Nicole who had worked for BRMB I think though that commonality drew us together and this was my first experience of working with a team. (And a brilliant team at that)

Essex Radio during those heady 1980s had an audience share of 55% and played a mix of older and chart records, how appropriate that the format that Heart Essex now plays is pretty much the 21st century version of our original format.

Happy birthday Essex Radio

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