Thursday, 8 March 2012

Eye eye eye like you very much

New iPad was born yesterday a sexy slim thing with an eye for a great display. BUT the real reason that the iPad and iPhone are such a runaway success is CONTENT Get your content right and you can be king of the castle.  The Apple App store has had over 25 billion downloads. Apps are great and downright sexy I mean who doesn't love shooting angry birds at little green piggies?

The radio industry should adopt the Apple mantra for success.  Get the content right and you attract an audience and, if you are a commercial operation, - you make money.  I know some really great programmers who know just the right buttons to push to get an audience but have  regrettably also experienced programme directors who have pandered to the owners or managing directors little peccadillo's and put programming or played music that the bosses liked, knowing full well that it didn't make the station better or encourage audience growth.

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