Monday, 20 January 2014

Corporate Cobblers

or 3 words that stop your company communicating in the 21st Century.  Don't get me wrong  a great many businesses know how to speak to their customers, use social media.  But amazingly there are still plenty of examples of poor communication and a lack of understanding of social media and how it has changed the world.

Based on my voiceover work let me today concentrate on just three words I really, really, hate.  The first word is:

Innovative - a horrible word, used by corporate bodies to describe, usually, something really dull and mundane - but hey if you stick the word 'innovative' in front of what ever rubbish you are talking up - that will make things better won't it?

Strategy - another word that you hardly ever use outside a boardroom or Scrabble board.


Cyclic - had that pop up several times last week - a word that I always drop into a conversation down the pub - not.

Apart from being quite hard to pronounce - these three words act like a barrier or worse a mask.  Hiding your corporate business behind a maze of gobbeldygook - frankly if you pepper your work with these words I find it hard to believe that you are an open an honest business.

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