Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blog Alert how to be a better #communicator

DJ, Presenter, YouTube host - Here are a few things that can make you better in front of the microphone or camera.

Great Content
Try hard to gather great stories, interesting and new material, it's not about grabbing a few stories from the newspapers or reading out from a broadcasters Almanac.  This is about going the extra mile, take ownership of the story find some archive recordings, think of ways you can directly touch the listener/viewer with this content, make it matter.

Look out of the window
Go out into the big wide world and focus on your target listener/viewer.  What do they like, love, hate? Make everything you do just for them, not for yourself or your boss.

Hard to achieve, keeping the standards high and doing it everyday, we all fall down, have bad days and don't come up with great stuff, but allow yourself to be human and strive to be better and more consistent tomorrow.

Remember that your topical content should be driven by the following criteria:  Is it New, Interesting and True?

Give your listener/viewer something they genuinely can't get anywhere else.  Saying that: 'this if the only place you will hear this' when every other station or outlet is covering the story just makes you sound a complete dick.

Your listener/viewer look upon you as a friend, someone they can trust.  Live up to that expectation speak to them, not at them or even worse, down to them.

Surprise your listener/viewer give them something unexpected, twist a story, make them think.

Bad stuff happens
Do not be afraid to tell the truth when bad things happen - tell them.

Never be boring
If you are bored they are bored.

Create genuine emotion, if you care they care.

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