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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

#BLOG ALERT It's All Theatre Darling

OK imagine that your Podcast is a Theatre show.  As it is a Podcast you are playing to an audience of one.  But one very expectant, excited listener sitting out in the middle of the stalls, waiting for the curtain to rise and your show to begin.

The lights dim and the curtain raises and ....and ...  your not there .... just an empty stage and some rather inane music playing for what seems an age.  Then you appear, ambling on to the stage you look straight at you one listener sitting in the theatre and open with the words. "Hello guys, how u doing? I've just banged me hand on the mic, got with me today Dave, I going to pretend I haven't met Dave in the dressing room ... are you there Dave?"

Your listener can only just about hear Dave as he is off mic.  Dave also ambles onto the stage and ignores the listener sitting out there in the stalls.  "Allo mate." says Dave to you, "owe are you doing?" 

"I'm alright mate how are you?" 

"Can't complain I been to your mate in Kettering about a ....."

Suddenly out of the corner of your eye you see your listener get up and leave the theatre.  Now answer me this question ... why do YOU think he left and stopped listening?

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