Thursday, 8 January 2015

#BLOG ALERT #Radio Birth Pains

The City of Chelmsford describes itself as the birthplace of radio and who could argue, the site of the first wireless factory, the home of the father of radio - Mr Marconi, who not only set-up his wireless works but broadcast those early test transmissions from the site and gave us the very first advertised live radio performance from famous Opera Singer Dame Nellie Melba.

So why are the city/county council thinking of removing the city signs that say 'birthplace of radio' ? Well they are worried that motorists might be distracted by such a profound announcement, loose control of their vehicle's and drive into a nearby ditch.

This from the same council(s) that turns the street lights off at midnight and has allowed a single lane  'temporary' flyover to stand for more than 30 years that causes regular head on crashes through .. er poor signposting.

Not only should the sign remain but the beautiful statue of Marconi should be moved from behind the clap clinic at the Bus Station (where it is now!) and placed proudly in the city centre.

I guess you can work out what I think of our lack-lustre council here in Chelmsford.

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