Friday, 16 January 2015

#BLOG ALERT What Obama learnt from Kennedy

 here's a strange thing that happened to me at the BBC in 2008.  I came up with the idea of comparing Obama's inaugural speech with that of Kennedy's.

I was busy editing some of the two speeches together and noticed along the multitrack that if you placed the two speeches side by side they had an almost identical cadence and speech
pattern.  It dawned on me that President Obama had been busy watching and learning from one of the greatest orator's of all time - President Kennedy.

But just how do you go about making strong and compelling content, here are 10 brief tips:

1. Enlighten - tell me something I do not know.
2. Focus stick to one theme.
3. Mention your main point at least 3 times:

'Tell em your going to tell em, tell them, tell them you told them'

4. Mean what you say, care, have passion.
5. Tell the truth.
6. Structure your content into easily digestible segments.
7. Always, always speak to one person NEVER a group.
8. Don't over script - use bullets - just script the very start and end of your content.
9. Never be boring.
10. Don't be afraid to be you.


Andy Houghton said...


Interesting - what you do mean by 'long form the start and end'?

Thanks, Andy

Steve Campen said...

Hi Andy, sorry I should have made that clearer, script out a few lines for your beginning.

In talk radio we call that the 'churn' briefly telling us what you are going to say in the main part of your Podcast.

Then stick to bullets to the last few lines at the end of the Podcast, so script your conclusion and for instance add a call to action at the end - 'Next week I am talking about xxx and you can find out more at xyz dot com.'

Andy Houghton said...

Great Steve - thanks for explanation.