Thursday, 30 April 2015

#Blog Alert The Phrase That Doesn't Pay

Or why traditional #radio #advertising no longer works for me.  Sweeping statement - but I am getting increasingly irritated by poor:

 'shout shout, money off, shout shout - website address - shout shout phone number' radio commercials.  Listen to this Blog/Podcast here

In an age where I get banner ads and content delivered to my phone, iPad and computer that are based on my browsing and buying history I am now getting used to more relevant advertising targeted towards me, and I am far more likely to click through or listen on places like Spotify to ads for products that reflect my interests.

Don't get me wrong I still love some of the traditional advertising - I watched that 3 minute long Dove commercial on YouTube and thought it was a great example of narrative advertising. Compelling - interesting and relevant to the product - but also had great content that would interest a much wider audience (me).

So if you make quirky, funny or human scale non-shouty commercials carry on.

If you are an advertiser cramming 40 seconds of copy into a 30 sec ad that mentions your website 3 times and the latest bogoff deal - you are doing it all wrong for me - back in the day when I only had a handful of radio and TV stations to choose from I would probably sit through your commercial, now I just swipe onto the next station or reach for the off switch.

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