Thursday, 9 April 2015

#Blog Alert Podcasting Ideas

what should I put in my Podcast? The first thing you should think about is who is your listener? What kind of content do they want? This means you need to create of profile of your listener,. Who he or she is? What are their interests? What kind of life do they lead? Are the married? Have children? And so on.

Now you know who might listen you can define the content.  And you need to think about how you can deliver it.  Podcasting thrives on regular episodic delivery, so you need to create regular episodes.   If you are a small-scale operation - maybe you record a half-dozen shows at a time?  Maybe you force yourself to get up an hour earlier everyday.  Bigger organisations need to commit time and resources and money to a Podcasting project.

You need to stick with it, you could probably define about 80 percent of the podcasts published as "a six-month burst of enthusiasm that just drifted away to nothing."

You need to be able to structure and write and produce incredible amounts of material.  As a full-time Radio Producer everyday I had to find three hours of material, I had a team to help and a show Host, but still found it a challenge to come up with good ideas every single day.

You can look at trends, see what other Podcasters are doing.  The bottom-line is that you should only make content about stuff that you are interested in and have a passion for.

And if you are a bigger operation with an established brand, then by all means do something different on a Podcast, but I wouldn't stray too far away from your brand.

We've reached the wild-west frontier in Podcasting and there will be winners and losers in the battle for an audience and monetisation, but it's a pretty even playing field - so anything can happen - how exciting.

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