Friday, 8 May 2015

#Blog alert Don't Fall Over The Furniture

I heard a Podcast the other day where the two presenters talked for more than four minutes on whether they should have a 'jingle' for a particular item  I can't say that it was a riveting listen.  How much better had they actually had made the wretched 'jingle' and how much better it would also have made their Podcast.

In radio we talk about not falling over the furniture.  The furniture being the junctions and structures of a show.  Particular pieces of imaging that might get used and times and points for travel, weather and news.

All of these items are part of the seamless flow of the show.  Drawing attention to them by saying stuff like.  "I really must interrupt you there Fred as I 'have' to go to the travel." or "We are recording with a new microphone today it's the Hokey Cokey 3000 - ..etc etc." just sound clumsy and are not going to engage your listener, who by now is hitting the jump 30 seconds button.

By all means add colour to your shows by talking about relevant and interesting stuff.  But the mechanics of how you are recording and dull pre-ambles just make me want to swipe you away to the next offering.    

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