Friday, 1 May 2015

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I have been watching Peter Kay's new comedy 'Car Share.' Listen to this blog/podcast here The fictional radio station "Forever FM" features not only as a background soundtrack to the show, but is also intertwined into the dialogue.  We are treated to excruciating local radio commercial copy like:

"Ooo Doctor I've been feeling right down in the dumps, what should I do?" - "You need a new shed from The Shed Surgery."


"Here at Hair Salon we don't just cut hair, we make love to it."


"Study at Brilington College, it almost sounds like brilliant, and in a recent Ofsted report we were rated acceptable that's just one down from good."

It does remind me of my only particular hit list of dreadful lines in radio commercials:

That include:

"What was that number again?"

"Our smashing sale at XYZ windows" (Also featured on Car Share)

"Open seven days including Sundays."

And any commercial with the word innovative in it, or the words biggest or best. Oh and those ads for music compilations that run off a list of artists finally including 'many more'  If I ever started a band I think I would call it 'Many More'

A well-worn phrase is an easy option, but cliché copy is best left to comedian's like Peter Kay.

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