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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Thinking of making a Podcast?

Here is a quick list of stuff you should consider before making your own Podcast.

1. Take a look around, see what your listener might be interested in.  Create a real profile of someone who might listen to your Podcast. (Their sex, age, interests, family life)

2. Stay away from hard sell sales pitch, show passion and enthusiasm for what you are producing.

3. Make sure you stay up-to-date with your subject - be forward thinking, rather than backward.

4. Make do and mend - written a book? Take some the information from the book - turn it into a Podcast.

5. Who are your competitors - who is already out there doing the same thing? Are they better? Or are they worse? What are their strengths and weaknesses - de-construct their podcast against your own.

6. Episodes - need to be frequent - if you are creating longer-form work - that will take at least 4 times more longer to produce than the actual recording.  An hour of recording will take 4-5 hours to put together from writing to publishing.

7. Be comfortable in your shoes.  Choose material you know about, maybe work or something you have a genuine interest in. Decide on a format and stick to it.  Brand the format so it has distinctive imaging (sound) and look - visualisation.

8. Plan and script - but make sure you sound natural and not sound like you are reading a script or have turned into a talking version of Wikipedia.

9. Substantiate - give credit and include links to your Podcast.

10. Offer something unique, that adds value in terms of entertainment, information or both.

Finally enjoy what you do. The process of making a Podcast with its creative and technical challenges is one of great accomplishment - so embrace and enjoy.


James Cridland said...

#11 - Subscribe to podnews.net - it's very good. ;)

Nice article. Will link to it.

Steve Campen said...

I promise I will, right now James 'Podcast Master' Cridland

Jack said...

I just launched my podcast Darknet Diaries last week and literally did each one of these recommendation. I think this is super great advice.