Monday, 15 September 2008

Exclusive interview with Monica Travesty

Monica Travesty our entirely fictitious life coach gives you the low-down on Talk format radio.
C.R. What makes great talk radio Monica?

M.T. Well dears I always say three things, personality, personality, personality. If your host doesn't shine like the noon day sun in the Kalahari Desert on a particularly hot day then they and you should be looking for a change of career.

C.R. So Monica what kind of personalities?

M.T. Well my little plum duffs, I think a mixed bag of shocking right-wing narrow-minded b*stards do quite well as do mincing cosy camp little sweeties you'd take home to mother. But remember my wise words.

C.R. What wise words?

Remember radio is an intimate medium so come right up to the line with your personality but NEVER cross the line or you will be hearing the sound of radio's being switched off all over your TSA. Toodle pip.

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