Friday, 6 February 2009

Top 5 tips on how do I make a great radio show,

1. What’s your idea?

2. To whom is it aimed at?

3. How will I structure?

4. Keep it focused.

5. Be your own critic.

What’s you idea? Write it down.

Here is an example:
“I want to do a Podcast about smell and why certain smells bring back memories and what are people favourite smells and worst smells.”

To whom is aimed at? Remember you audience consists of one – the person who is listening to your work.

Here is an example:
My Podcast about smell will be aimed at twenty-five to thirty-five females. I’m thinking of new mums who might also have a career.

How will I structure? Structure is everything, all stories have beginnings, middles and ends, and your work is a story.

Here is an example:
I will start with vox pops of mums in the High Street; I will ask them their favourite smells and their worst smells. I will ask them what smells bring back memories.

In the middle I will explain about how we sense the world and why smell is such an important sense.

At the end I will reveal the most favourite smell is it fish and chips? Fresh Coffee or (remember your focus and who you are aiming the Podcast at) is it the smell of my baby son when I hold him close?

Keep it focused. – Don’t stray too much, remember your target audience, if you talk about the way we sense the world concentrate on smell, just mention the other senses. Make sure the vox pops involve the target audience.

Be your own critic. – Cut out the rubbish, be tough, does it add to the story? Are all the vox pops strong enough to use. Do I lose my thread? Have I stumbled? Could I have said that better?

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