Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Badly behaved talent

What do you do when as a Programme Manager your talent throws their toys out of the pram? Or you are a Producer of a live show when your presenter suddenly has a melt down?

1.Act Normally: Try not to feed off their emotional outburst and stay calm.  In the real world that doesn't always work .. but try.

2.What's wrong? Find out exactly what is bugging them.. remember it might not be that their coffee has no sugar in it - the real reason might be something else - like a family problem at home.

3.Behaviour: Bad behaviour should not be tolerated, but don't take it personally.  I use a particular stare when my talent kicks a chair or slams their fist down.  But I don't get cross with them.

4 Fear: Sometimes it's just insecurity - talent are an emotional insecure lot.  So reassure them, tell them they are doing fine and are valued. Love your talent.

5.Find a Solution: Ask them what they want? If reasonable then provide it! If they really want their papers cut and stories stuck on a bit of paper - do it.

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