Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Call Screening

Call screening - how do you pick great calls for air? How do you tell the wheat from the chaff? Just how important is call screening?

It's important: The way you screen calls to your radio show can make or break your show.  Call screening is often left to a Programme Assistant in the UK but in the States its nearly always the Producer - they realise that the ability to cherry pick good calls creates the strong compelling show. Never understood why we (Producers) don't think it important to actually speak to our listeners.

Wheat from Chaff: Ask direct questions; example:  'Why do you think under water soot juggling should be an Olympic sport'  then see how they answer - if you get a nice clear concise point from your caller chances are they will be a good call.

The great call: Always the person with first hand experience.  The mother that lost the child.  The alcoholic that's given up the booze.

So why not pick up the phone today and see what your listeners are up to.

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