Wednesday, 4 November 2009

I mean that most sincerely

Hughie Green was the man that saved ITV in the 1950s. I met Hughie about 15 years ago and still remember his sage advice.

He said ‘a good format is like a good horse it will be your faithful friend and always get you from a to b.’ What he meant is stick with it and it will repay you many times over, in TV think of Coronation Street still the jewel in the ITV crown and on radio think of The Clive Bull Show still doing great business for LBC Radio.
Hughie Green, for those who do not know, was the guy who stopped ITV in the 1950s from being a poor worthy 'BBC with adverts' by putting on downmarket in your face pure entertainment shows on a Saturday night like ‘Opportunity Knocks’ and ‘Double Your Money.’ Funny that ITV is back following Hughie’s format with a 21st century twist in ‘X Factor’

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