Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ugly words

Long complicated words stink on the radio.  'Keep it simple stupid'  should always be your mantra. Here are a few of my pet hates, first www's  - there's no need to say them ALL up-to-date computers will find websites that have the www prefix - so don't sound dumb leave off the www's.

'Meanwhile' As a bridge to another story - it's a redundancy you don't need it, don't use it.

'Plus' Who the hell says that in real conversation? Plus I am going to the toilet?  (Pic credit ABC television)


James Cridland said...

Regarding 'www' - not quite true. Your website needs to work correctly without the 'www', not anyone's computer. Most companies set their websites up well, however, and you probably don't need to read out the 'www's.

(My website, on the other hand, has no www's - and doesn't work if you add them: )

IHNXEA said...

Thanks James -it's still an ugly thing to say on the Podcasts I Produce I get the presenter to say all the w's which is better than w, w, w,