Thursday, 21 January 2010

3 degrees under

When guests go bad, today The Three Degrees.  But which three degrees and what happens when your research goes out of the window?

In the early 1990s I had the 'Three Degrees' as guests but what  my Programme Assistant who set the girls up, didn't know there had been a line-up change and we got three completely different 'degrees' who first of all we didn't know their names and secondly they made for a very brief interview as they hadn't done anything.

Mistakes happen and the most positive thing about that interview was that the Programme Assistant immediately owned up it was her fault and her call.  I think it was Lyndon B Johnson the American President who had a sign on his desk which said 'the buck stops here'  So when you make a mistake own up and people will think the better of you. I am afraid it doesn't happen a lot in the media.  I am also pleased to say that my Programme Assistant went on to be a very fine Producer and now has a senior role at GMTV.

So in summary.  Cock-up? Own-up!

(Pic above the Three Degrees we thought we were getting)

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