Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Here we go again

Oh god here we go again another bloody radio show to present.  I'm so bored of it all.

I went to see 'Oliver' at The Theatre Royal Drury Lane last night.  Good production great performance from Griff Rhys Jones as Fagin and a spectacular set.  But there were a few moments when fings (sic) went a little bit flat.  One of the cast was also a bit guilty of not giving a 100% performance.

We all have off days and it is hard to give 100% all of the time.  Pulling yourself up and being aware that you feel that way will help.  A bit of positive thinking and careful choice of show subjects to match your mood will also help - oh and a good cup of coffee or tea.  (Add some TLC from your Producer if you have one)

We are all human - but there is an audience expectation that you should run at 100% giving your all, all the time.  That's not possible but you can always aim to do your best.

(Oliver have a fab website click here for more)

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jonnie said...

Oh dear.... I have to say that during my days in radio I always looked forward to the red light coming on - providing I'd had enough sleep and not hungover! Perhaps it's time for a new career?