Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The 'F' word

Want to make a great radio show? One key word is all you need to remember. It begins with 'F'

Many years ago I produced a Christmas special - the editorial brief was that everything we did would have some link to Christmas.  I created a special Christmas Quiz, origins of the festival, panto guests - you know the kind of thing.  One of the features was produced independently by a reporter and I gave him the brief to talk about a Christmas memory and come up with an Xmas tune that fitted.

A few hours before the deadline he shuffled up with his tape (yes it was that long ago) when I listened, it was a piece about being mugged and he had stuck a Pretenders track at the end.  Too late to change I had to put it in the show but it sounded crap, out of place.

For some reason it was one of the few shows I produced that my mother listened to.  Her comment was "very nice but why was there a man talking about mugging and why was there a pop record playing at the end of it?

So decide on your topic where you want to take it and keep FOCUSED.  Other ideas will pop up in your head, but if they are not related to your subject don't be tempted to use them. You end up with a cohesive  show that will make sense to your listener.

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