Monday, 18 January 2010

When Guests Go Bad

A couple more guests behaving badly including Keith Floyd, Fanny Cradock,Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins and Bella Emberg (Who is a Dyke - that's her real name)

Keith Floyd turned up drunk with slurred speech and was staggering.  Chris said to him 'I am going to get you a cup of coffee, you are going to sober up and behave or I will throw you out of the building.' (He's direct like that Mr Lowrie) I am pleased to say that Keith said he was very sorry, drank the coffee, pulled himself together and was fine on air.

Fanny Cradock in the big book of LBC banned guests just had one short entry which read. 'Banned - drunk and abusive'  ('not allowed on any LBC show.')

Alex Higgins made Chris cross by stirring the tea he had just made him then tossing the stirrer on the floor. Chris picked it up and popped it back in the tea and said 'We have bins for that.' then opened the studio door and shoved Alex in.

Bella who was a marvellous stand-in presenter for the LBC evening show during the nineties.  She interviewed Jim (Carry On) Dale, she told Chris beforehand that she had sooo much to say to Jim, after five minutes she ran out of questions and said 'I've got nothing left to say.'  Chris went on the talkback and said 'Well you better think of something cos you've got 55 minutes left.'  After the interview as he led Jim out, Mr Dale was heard to say that was the most extraordinary interview I have ever done!

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