Sunday, 17 January 2010

I think you're Amazing

The BBC stand accused of unfair competition and PRS of being just ‘barmy - who would say such a thing?

Amazing Radio has been national on DAB since the middle of last year and also streams online neatly jumping into your ITunes like it always belonged there.

Amazing radio is the only national radio station outside London (It comes from Newcastle which is somewhere ‘up north’) It only plays unsigned acts and listeners choose all the music by selecting songs at 

The guys at Amazing who include Trevor Dann and Paul Campbell have major investors like Morrisons and Dorling Kindersley on their side.  Their beef is one, with the BBC and ‘BBC Introducing’ which allows unsigned artists airtime on the Beeb (sounds familiar?) and two, with PRS for its weird way of charging online content providers with a fixed percentage and Amazing radio’s claim that ‘The vast majority of PRS payments go to a tiny minority of artists.”

I have to say the main Amazing Radio aint playing my kind of music but Amazing Ambient its sister available online at  is really rather, well ambient and great to have on in the background whilst you are working.

At the end of the day I wonder who will win the battle?  Amazing Radio or the BBC, Amazing Radio or PRS.  The BBC have previous ‘Oneword’* which had a cosy deal with a major audio book publisher (Chivers Books) and used their content on air was dismayed to find that audio book publisher was bought by the BBC who promptly stopped allowing ‘Oneword’ to use material - and no content = no radio station and ‘One Word’ became two words ‘Off Air’  *See comment to website from Paul Blezard.

So watch that DAB space if you hear birdsong you will know another commercial radio station took on and lost to the big players.

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Paul Blezard said...

Hmmm, your synopsis of the Oneword (which was always spelled with just one word, as the name suggests) isn't entirely accurate.The true tale can be found here: