Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Gis' a job

There is a Tsunami of would-be radio presenters and producers out there chasing less than a handful of jobs.  Bleak and depressing if you've just walked out of college or university clutching your media degree.

So how do you get yourself noticed?  When I first worked in radio there were just 18 local commercial radio stations and a similar number of BBC local radio stations. I was 'lucky' I knew somebody who worked for the local radio station and she got me an opportunity to volunteer.  I lied about my experience and the night before I started working we both sneaked into the studios and I learnt how to operate the equipment.

You will find this is a typical way that people end up working in the media.  So networking is paramount.  Be willing to work for nothing.  Show an educated enthusiasm.  Get yourself up to speed in current affairs, show a wild curiosity in anything and everything.  Learn the software - how to edit and put together material.  Always be helpful and always be willing to make the tea.

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