Monday, 15 February 2010

Hot News

The day that Pete Murray set fire to the studio during a live national news bulletin.

Ahh those heady days when everyone could smoke anywhere, where the stench of stale tobacco and vomit wafted out of every pub.  Dear old Pete loved a quick drag during the news.  The IRN news was read from the same studio then, the reader sitting just inches away from the show Presenter.  By about 2 mins past Pete had finished his fag and had tossed the butt into the bin.  I was Producing and driving that day and suddenly noticed the newsreader start to wave her arms frantically and look most perturbed.  Then I noticed the smoke billowing from the bin.

I jumped up ran into the studio and grabbed the bin.  Not the brightest thing to do because as a dragged the bin out of the studio the movement of air caused the whole thing to burst into flames.  For a moment you think what the f*ck do I do? Then it dawns on you what fire extinguishers are for.  I heaved a CO2 extinguisher off the wall and tried to set it off, no luck there was a plastic break thing I had to rip apart, then I let the thing go - with a terrific noise you could hear in the background of the news I put the fire out.

Afterward when I said to Pete you need to be more careful he said 'That's nothing I once burned down the dressing rooms at BBC Manchester!" Dear old Pete.

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