Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What do I know?

The day I told the UK boss of Amazon I didn't think he could ever compete with W H Smith.  Another prediction fouled up.

I think it must have been in 2000 when Amazon was launching in the UK that the UK CEO dropped by the LBC studios to explain the novel idea of buying things on the internet and then having them sent to your home - a bit like mail order.

Well the best thing about that interview was he was going 'home' in the same direction as me so I shared his LBC cab back to Liverpool Street.  I can't remember his name (sorry) but I can remember the conversation we had that he thought Amazon was going to be bigger than W H Smith as a book retailer.  I laughed and wished him good luck but thought that could never happen, after all, who wants to buy things on the internet?

Alright Amazon has a had a rocky road and quite a few misses amongst the hits on the trip getting there, but now it's a world brand that's doing very well thank you very much.

The lesson I learned from that meeting was 'don't judge a book by its cover' [sic] Embrace new ideas and technology because one day they might just come and bite you back on the bum.

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