Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It's all about me

I want my own radio station that just broadcasts to me. Sounds bonkers? So you don’t have an iPod then?

The iPod generation have already disengaged themselves from a lot of mainstream linear services, choosing to listen to the music or podcasts they want at the time that they want.

But I want more.  I don’t want to listen to linear radio anymore.  Yes I know there’s BBC iPlayer but you have to be at a pc of faff around to download stuff.

What I want is a radio station dedicated to what I like, what interests me, has the news I want to hear and all the advertising is targeted to the things I like.  So it will be ‘free.’  I want to be able to hear my station everywhere I go, at home in the car, walking around.

I want to pick exactly what I want, I want to decide how long the shows should last, I even want some of the output to be live.  This radio station is going to be all about me. And while you’re at it I want my own TV station and my own newspaper and it’s all got to be ‘free.’

Is this the future of radio? TV and the media?

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