Thursday, 25 February 2010

Bum Wrap

Did she insert her finger in the other girls anus or was she just pretending?

Was having a flick through OFCOM's latest Bulletin (76 pages)  and there are quite a lot of pages about some of those adult TV channels up the dirty end of Sky.  Now as far as I can be bothered to read you can't be too naughty if you are not encrypted and not on subscription.  A couple of the stations have fallen foul of the OFCOM code of practice including one where one girl simulated putting her finger up another girls bum, only she went too far (not up her bum but simulating) so they got a good slapping from the powers at be.

I do find myself asking the question is it really OFCOM's job to investigate women's private bits?  I wonder if you are offended by something on TV, Radio or any other media in the UK there could be a kind of small-claims court system set up where you could use the existing judiciary who could get to the bottom of any complaint.

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